Buah-buah yang jatuh berguguran perlulah dikutip sebelum ia dikebas orang atau sebelum ia luput

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yeah, you manage to hurt me badly. i mean very very bad. But hey, what is actually do you expect from me? To be cruel to you? To hate you? To take a revenge on you? To curse you? NO !! I'm not that guy. seriously i'm not into that shit.

actually i don't know what else to say. just i'm very very sorry for what had happen to us and i didn't expect it to be this way in this particular time for sure. i just want to thank you for being honest to me and the sweet things that happen between us eventhough you are 'ewwww-ing' to recall it but i think that is the best part of my life for now. and try not to hate me please if you want to get rid of me or what because it may hurt more if you do that. i'm begging you.

p/s : i know you can't forget about him right? yeah, i didn't manage to make you forget about him and that's why all of this pop up right? and correct me if i wrong. i'll promise to be a better person after this. you'll see it.